Oaks Elan Darwin

The Oaks Elan building is the newest addition to Darwin’s skyline and the second landmark tower building designed by DKJ projects.architecture for Even Lynne. This 29-storey building is truly unique and will become the tallest prefabricated modular building in Australia.

Originally designed as a traditional reinforced concrete building, Even realised the advantages of prefabrication coupled with forecast labour shortages in Darwin and instructed DKJ projects.architecture to go back to the drawing board and re-design the tower.

Through intense research, development and construction of several full scale module prototypes, the innovative design was refined and developed to produce a cutting edge world class prefabricated modular tower building.

The building offers a dynamic modern blend of one and two bedroom residential and serviced apartments and includes a restaurant/cafe, pool bar/lounge, gymnasium and retail/commercial tenancies.

Situated in heart of Darwin’s CBD, the tower has views of Darwin and the Harbour.

Developer: Gwelo Developments Pty Ltd

Client: Gwelo Development Pty Ltd